Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in the Primary School Classroom

Here’s a little of what I have been up to lately – still teaching Latin, but spending more time volunteering in my children’s state primary school, and loving it all!

Teaching the Codex

Charlie Farquharson-Roberts is a Latin teacher and private tutor, but a medievalist at heart. She once wrote an MPhil thesis on the Venerable Bede’s Latin hymns. With small children these days, she finds herself chair of the PTA. Find her on twitter @camlatintutor.

I have spent this year gainfully unemployed from Latin teaching in schools and instead volunteering increasing amounts of my time at my kids’ state primary school in central Cambridge, St Luke’s.

St Luke’s is doubly fortunate in having wonderfully inspiring teachers, and also extensive grounds in the heart of the city. When another parent volunteered to run a gardening club, she was determined to link it to the school curriculum, and hence Year 5 in their autumn Anglo-Saxons term have planted ancient grains in the manner of Anglo-Saxon farmers, visited West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, built replica houses and also read Beowulf (tr. Michael Morpurgo

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