How to run an excellent INSET¹ day

I attended an excellent INSET day on Saturday. I shall describe it briefly in the hope that others will follow in its footsteps.

The day was organised and hosted by the University of Cambridge Classics Faculty and billed as Teaching GCSE Classical Civilisations. It formed part of their outreach programme and was free to attend.²

The programme comprised two lectures, one from Professor Tim Whitmarsh, the other from Dr Ingo Gildenhard³, both pitched academically and also accessibly so we felt educated and not patronised; lunch (plentiful and delicious); next a choice of either a session on film in the classroom with soon-to-be-Dr Stephen Harrison or a talk/ interaction with the fabulous Cast Gallery in the Museum of Classical Archaeology focused on getting the best out of study visits with the very engaging Jennie Thornber, the museum’s Education and Outreach Coordinator; then a plenary session, chaired by John Taylor of Latin text book fame who was also attending the day, with three five minute presentations from teachers who had volunteered in advance on things that they do in the classroom; finally a feedback session where our comments were listened to and noted.

In short, I believe I speak for the majority of attendees when I assert that the day was excellent. A perfect blend of teachers being educated, sharing expertise, interacting with each other and the leaders, and being listened to.

Thanks and praises to the Classics Faculty’s outreach team and to Max Kramer in particular for organising.

Did you also attend? I’d love you to add any extra comments below.

Do you have further views on how to run INSET days? Please also add your comments.


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¹ INSET just means teacher training. I don’t know why.

² It was explained to us that initially their outreach programme was aimed purely at Sixth Formers as there was no point reaching out to anyone younger than that. The current reachers decided to ignore this protocol and now reach out to GCSE age groups as well as teachers. How revolutionary!

³ I was disappointed to learn from him that he thought JK Rowling had NOT used his name as inspiration for Gilderoy Lockhart. Everything else I learnt from him was positively joyous.


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